Message from the president Sept 2014

Here we are again well past the half way mark of the year and hopefully heading toward some warmer weather. The last few months have been reasonably busy for a few members with the annual RAEME  WOs, SNCOs and Officers Dinner held in late August, the normal committee meetings and a bit of action on the Fort Largs guns.

The annual dinner this year was held at the Naval Military and Air Force Club in the city. A lovely venue and certainly a suitable central location for all attendees. The night was well attended and conducted in a relaxed but appropriately formal manner with Major Ed Stokes in the chair as Dining President. Unfortunately our Head of Corps, Brigadier  Mathewson was an apology for the dinner, however, our Colonel Commandant, Colonel David Cocker represented him well and provided the keynote address to the assembled members. Congratulations to Major Stokes and LT Fletcher on the arrangements and conduct on the night, as always it was a great event.

As reported in the last newsletter, we have revisited the Police Academy at Fort Largs to check on the condition of the guns that were a project of the Association for many years. We have been cleared to attend the site and there have been a couple of visits so it is now a work- in-progress. Check out the photos in this site

On the national front there is continued progress with the RAEME National Association building a functional website, completing the Strategic Plan and in the near future handing over the role of President from Ray Norman to Phil Coppin. As a state based association we are benefiting from the efforts at the national level and are keen to see this continue. The Corps Conference is being held at Bandiana in late October so we can look forward to an update during our AGM.

The Corps History Project which we have mentioned previously is going well, although there is a delay in the production of the book. This means the book release will not  align with the Corps Birthday as hoped, but will occur in early 2015. For those of you that have placed orders, be assured all orders are recorded, and for those who have not ordered do so NOW.

On to the AGM, as previously advertised it is being held on Sunday 7  December at Warradale Barracks (pending security issues). The normal procedures for the day will be followed with the Corps Birthday BBQ following the AGM and this will include the announcement of the Soldier of the Year Awards. I look forward to catching up with as many members as possible on the day.

I wish you all the best. Richard Moyses  -  President Arte et Marte

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