WW1 German Gun Restoration

A brief history of WW1 German war trophies

(Ref: “War Trophies from the First World War 1914 – 1918” by Maj Bill Billett Kangaroo Press 1999

After World War 1 the War Trophies committee, a sub committee of a British War Office committee was established “to control the distribution of all the trophies captured by the Imperial Armies.” There were many disagreements and negotiations about who should have claim to these trophies but in July 1918 it was decided that AIF units who claimed their trophies could have them “if they could substantiate their claim and if they were not serviceable or required for conversion”. Subsequently it was reported in the newspapers of the day that 300 Artillery pieces, 3000 machine guns, trench mortars, many horse drawn vehicles and motor vehicles would be bought from England to Australia where distribution would be made to the many claimants in the cities and townships around the country.