Part 4 RAEME in the Years 1946 - 1948

153. After the end of the war, the following Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers units were in SOUTH AUSTRALIA:

  1. South Australian Area Workshop KESWICK
  2. Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers attached to 4 Base Ordnance Depot KESWICK
  3. Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers attached to 147 General Transport Company PLYMPTON
  4. Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers attached to the Proof and Experimental Establishment 4th Military District Army Inspection Staff PORT WAKEFIELD.

154. The South Australian Area Workshop was virtually a holding unit for personnel awaiting demobilisation or re allocation. On 11 March 1946 it was redesignated 4 Military District Area Workshop and later in the same month 4 Military District Workshop. It was subsequently changed to Central Command Workshop on 1 January 1950.

155. In 1946, 147 General Transport Company commenced to run down. On 28 November 1946 twelve Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers tradesmen were transferred from this company to 4 Military District Workshop. This then left 147 General Transport Workshop with only two Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers tradesmen attached. These two craftsmen accompanied the unit to its new home at HAMPSTEAD on September 1947. 147 General Transport Company was redesignated 104 Transport Platoon in December 1948 and the two craftsmen remained with this renamed unit.

156. In 1947, three Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers tradesmen were attached to Long Range Weapons Research Establishment at WOOMERA. It was soon discovered that the workload was far in excess of the available labour force, so a Long Range Weapons Project Increment was added to 4th Military District Workshop. On 9 March 1948 Captain CRAGO took charge of this increment and with five tradesmen, moved to WOOMERA. Their first workshop was a marquee and their task to repair all transport in the area. This increment was removed from 4 Military District Workshop establishment and on 21 May 1948 became the Electrical and Mechanical Engineers component of Long Range Weapons Experimental Establishment (WOOMERA) (Army Component) (4 Military District).

157. On 1 May 1948 Citizen Military Forces training was re introduced and 4 Military District Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Training Depot was opened at KESWICK. The Adjutant was Captain V.AMOSTYN, Quartermaster Lieutenant J. TRELOAR, Company Sergeant Major Warrant Officer Class 1 C.VCLAXTON, and Company Quartermaster Sergeant Warrant Officer Class 1 G.A. ROBINSON.

158. The Citizen Military Forces units were:

  • 107 Infantry Workshop Major E.HCOLLEY
  • 14 Light Aid Detachment Lt. S.FSHIPP
  • 31 Light Aid Detachment CaptL.G. CAMPBELL.
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