23. (1) Nominations of Candidates for Election as Executive Officers or Officers:-

(a) shall be made in writing signed by two members of the Association and accompanied by the written consent of the Candidate which may be endorsed on the Nomination Form prescribed in Appendix 2; and

(b) shall be delivered to the Secretary of the Association not Iess than 7 days before the date fixed for the holding of the Annual General Meeting.

(2) If insufficient nominations to fill all vacancies on the Committee, the Candidates nominated shall be deemed to be elected and further nominations shall be received at the Annual General Meeting.

(3) If the number of nominations received is equal to the number of vacancies to be filled, the persons nominated shall be deemed to be elected.

(4) If the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies to be filled, a ballot shall be held.

(5) The ballot for the election of members of the Committee shall be conducted at the Annual General Meeting in such usual and proper manner as the Committee may direct.

24. For the purposes of these rules, the office of an Officer of the Association becomes vacant if the Officer :-

(a) ceases to be a member of the Association;
(b) becomes an insolvent under administration within the meaning of the Companies (S. A.) Code; or
(c) resigns his office by notice in writing given to the Secretary.


27. Ordinary Members who have rendered outstanding service to the Association may, upon a resolution being passed by the Committee at a meeting held at least twenty one (21) days before the date of the Annual General Meeting and at which at least two thirds of the Committee are present be nominated to the Annual General Meeting for election as a Life Member. Election to Life Membership of the Association shall be by the vote of a majority of not less than two thirds of the members in attendance at the Annual General Meeting provided that the Number of Life Members shall not exceed ten (10) at any one time and further provided that no more than one member shall be elected as a Life Member in any one year. Life Membership Nomination Form is prescribed in Appendix 3.

28. The rights, privileges and obligations of a member elected as a Life Member shall not be disturbed by election to that class, save and except that he shall not be liable to pay any Annual Subscription to the Association.


29. (1) The Committee shall meet at least three (3) times in each year at such place and such times as the Committee may determine.

(2) Special Meetings of the Committee may be convened by the President or by any six (6) of the members of the Committee.

(3) Notice shall be given to members of the Committee of any Special Meeting specifying the general nature of the business to be transacted and no other business shall be transacted at such a meeting.

(4) Any six (6) members of the Committee constitutes a quorum for the transaction of the business of a meeting of a Committee.

(5) No business shall be transacted unless a quorum is present and, if within half an hour of the time appointed for the meeting, a quorum is not present the meeting shall be adjourned to the same place and at the same hour of the same day in the following week unless the meeting was a Special Meeting in which case it lapses.

(6) At the meeting of the Committee:

(a) the President or in his absence the Vice President shall preside; or
(b) if the President and the Vice President are absent, one of the remaining members of the Committee may be chosen by the members present who shall preside.

(7) Questions arising at a meeting of the Committee or of any sub committee appointed by the Committee shall be determined on a show of hands or, if demanded by a member, a poll taken in such a manner as the person presiding at the meeting may determine.

(8) Each member present at a meeting of the Committee or of any sub commiftee appointed by the Committee (including the person presiding at the meeting), is entitled to one vote and, in the event of an equality of votes on any question, the person presiding may exercise a second or casting vote.

(9) Written notice of each Committee meeting shall be served on each member of the Committee by delivering it to him at a reasonable time before the meeting, or by sending it prepaid post addressed to him at his usual or last known place of abode at least twenty one (21) business days before the date of the meeting.

(10) Subject to Sub Rule (4) the Committee may act not withstanding any vacancy on the Committee.


28. The Secretary of the Association shall keep minutes of the resolutions and proceedings of each General Meeting and each Committee Meeting in books provided for that purpose together with a record of the names of persons present at Committee Meetings.

The Secretary of the Association shall maintain a Assets Register listing all property of the Association.


29. (1) The Treasurer of the Association:-

(a) shall collect and receive all monies due to the Association and make all payments authorised by the Association; and
(b) shall keep correct accounts and books showing the Financial Affairs of the association with full details of all Receipts and Expenditures connected with the activities of the Association.

(2) The accounts and books referred to in Sub-Rule (1) shall be available for inspection by members.


30. (1) The Association in General Meeting may by resolution remove any member of the Committee before the expiration of his term of office and appoint another member in his stead to hold office until the expiration of the term of the first mentioned member.

(2) Where the member to whom a proposed resolution referred to in Sub-Rule (1) makes representation in writing to the Secretary or the President of the Association (not exceeding a reasonable length) and requests that the written submission be notified to members of the Association, the Secretary or the President may send a copy of the representation to each member of the Association or, if they are not sent, the member may require that the written submission be read out at the meeting.

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