New Role of the Infantry


The role of the infantry is to seek out and close with the enemy, to kill or capture him, to seize and hold ground and repel attack, by day and night, regardless of season, weather and terrain, as long as the following conditions have been met:

a. All participants are AIRN compliant.
b. There is a Wet Bulb Globe Thermometer present as well as a qualified operator.
c. A full risk management plan has been completed and signed off by the CO.
d. An Environment Compliance Certificate has been submitted and the Environmental Officer has signed it off.
e. The padre is present, and has been appointed the Suicide Awareness Officer.
f. A safety briefing has been conducted and all participants have been made aware of their responsibilities under the OH&S Act.
g. Sufficient funds are available and approved.
h. Ammunition has been issued IAW Range Regulations 2-9-2.
i. A letter drop has been conducted.
j. It is not held on a religious birthday.
k. All participants know the equity hotline number.
l. All participants have watched the Steyr Safety video sometime in the preceding 24 hours.
m. All participants have been drug tested and are clear.
n. All weapons being used are FF and have had three non-techs and a technical inspection in the last 3 months.
o. At least 10% of the participants have an approved level of aboriginality.
p. At least 2 participants are gay.
q. One participant must be female.
r. All GRes participants have had their ARTS extensions approved by the CA.
s. The moon is under the influence of Uranus.
t. The inflation rate is below 3.2%.
u. Someone has been appointed as the OIC, and
v. There is a Safety Supervisor for every 3 soldiers.

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